Why I will not reconcile with Basketmouth – Comedian AY

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Entertainer and film producer, Ayo Makun, famously known as AY, has said he will never again put forth attempts to end the longstanding fight among himself and colleage, Basketmouth.

The entertainers have been in constant disagreement for quite a long time over what AY claimed was an unpaid N30,000 obligation Basketmouth owed him.
Basketmouth, nonetheless, denied such, saying that they were never companions
In a new meeting with Teju Babyface, AY said he has been putting forth attempts throughout the years to reconcile with Basketmouth, said he no longer minds going to his grave with their rift.

Inquired as to whether senior entertainers knew about their beef, the artist affirmed their mindfulness, adding that they advised him to stop forcing reconciliation when Basketmouth was demonstrating troublesome.

He said, “The bros, (senior partners in the satire business) knew at some point in time, they had to ask me to slow down. “They were like: ‘You’re doing too much. You are putting in too much to make this thing work. friendship is not by force.’

“I was believing that ‘No, this can work’. Even in my last stand-up comedy, I had to go on stage and I did another routine ‘My guy. How’s my guy? This is my guy. If you see this guy, tell him he’s my guy.’ And the following morning, every where exploded again. ‘We are not friends. We are not that. We are not this.’

“So, for me now, I’m not pushing anything anymore. As I’m here now as AY, if I have to go to my grave without sitting with any of these guys to say ‘hello, ‘hi,’ I will be happy”.


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